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Chieti is situated in the central-eastern Abruzzi, 330 meters above sea level, on a hill that divides the waters of the river basin of the river Pescara those Alento. The city enjoys a favorable geographical position, both because of its proximity to the Adriatic Coast and the mountainous masses of the Majella and Gran Sasso in a variety of unique landscapes for its richness and variety of landscapes, both because of its proximity to major transport networks of the Adriatic side of Central Italy.The city is divided into two groups, Chieti Alta Chieti Scalo. Chieti Alta is the oldest part of town. Located on the hill, home to many historic buildings and ruins that tell the many centuries of life in the capital Theatine.Chieti Scalo instead of the newer and more commercial city. Nestled in a valley north of the hill and extended right embankment of the river Pescara, developed mainly by following the footprints of the ancient Via Tiburtina Valeria, and the railroad that crosses it.Chieti Scalo is also populated by many students who attend the headquarters campus of the University of Chieti Gabriele d'Annunzio.


The climate is typically Mediterranean, and enjoy the influence of marine origin (less than 20km away from the sea), but at the same time influenced by the Majella, which is about 25 - 30km. The temperatures are neither too high nor too rigid, and the temperature changes between day and night would be very contained, as only in some areas of the Abruzzo coast.


The capital Theatine enjoys a very favorable position with regard to roads.


Chieti is well connected to two main motorways in central Italy, or the A25 motorway to Borgorose Torano-Pescara (through the toll booth located in the town of Chieti Brecciarola) and the Autostrada A14 Adriatica (exit site in the town of Dragonara Teatino San Giovanni (CH).

Other roads

A very important way for Chieti has always been the Via Tiburtina Valeria, connecting the city to the west by Lazio, Rome and Pescara on the east by the Adriatic coast. In addition, a few kilometers away is the Adriatic Highway 16, which connects the city of Pescara in the north and south with the Marche Molise.

Rail Transport.

The railway station of Chieti in the lower part of the city (Chieti Scalo), and can also be used for the transport of goods. The station of Chieti is a medium size, pretty much the industrial scale of the largest and most comprehensive railway junction at Pescara that has always been a strategic point for communications, tourism and the economy of companies of the Region.

The railway station is located Chieti then along the line of trans-Pescara - Sulmona - Avezzano - Rome, and gives the possibility to reach easily and quickly the Adriatic line Milan - Bologna - Ancona - Pescara - Bari – Lecce

Air transport

The 'Abruzzo International Airport, identified with the IATA code PSR is located in the territory of Sambuceto di San Giovanni Teatino (CH), only 12 kilometers from the center of Chieti and 9 km from the lower part of the city. Today, with air links, Abruzzo Airport is connected to many international destinations, mostly in Europe.

Public transport

In the city of Chieti public transport is entrusted the company La Panoramica that manages 20 urban lines.
In addition, Chieti is a trolley-bus lines, and the exercise has been reactivated by 26 september 2009, after a long suspension (since 1992).

In 2004 he joined La Panoramica to the establishment of a single administration of transportation in a region that includes part of localities in the provinces of Chieti and Pescara, which can be used in public transport in transit in the following countries: Torrevecchia Teatina (CH) , Francavilla al Mare (CH), Ripa Teatina (CH), Miglianico (CH), San Giovanni Teatino (CH), Manoppello (PE), Cepagatti (PE), Spoltore (PE), Cappelle sul Tavo (PE), the Holy City 'Angelo (PE), Penne (PE), Montesilvano (PE), Silvi (TE). In these places you can use the services offered by all transport companies contracted (ARPA, GTM, pan, and Satam) operating in the area, buy one ticket called, precisely, Unico


The main street is Marrucino course, running from Piazza Trento e Trieste (commonly known as Trinity Square), across Piazza Gian Gabriele Valignani Arniense Street and ends up in the heart of the historic part of town Teatino. The Palazzo del Municipio is located in Piazza San Giustino (formerly dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II), and the building of the Province is located along Corso Marrucino. Currently, the town hall is situated on the Marruccino, the former headquarters of the Bank of Italy, following the damage caused by the earthquake of April 2009.

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